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Before your appointment

We need to check a few things with you, when you submit this form we can call you back to discuss making an appointment with you.

Both types of coil offer excellent protection against pregnancy and millions of women around the world use coils as their contraception. The Mirena coil is also used as part of HRT treatment.

Coil Advice

You may not know what coil you want, a copper or hormone coil, this is ok we can discuss it at the appointment. 


Before your appointment

We cannot fit the coil if you might be pregnant, so we need you to answer the following questions:

If there is any chance of pregnancy, we will not fit the coil so please make sure you use contraception or don’t have sex from the 1st day of bleeding with your period until the coil fit.

If you are using the pill, implant or depo injection

If you are on the pill we can fit at any time in the cycle as long as you have taken ALL your pills. If your implant or injection are in date, then we can fit at any time in your cycle.

Wanting to change your coil?

If you are having an in-date coil removed and a new one fitted, this can be done on any day except a day of heavy bleeding.

You must not have sex for 7 days before the new coil is fitted in case it is not possible to fit the new device as there would be a risk of pregnancy

If your coil is out of date you must have been using additional contraception or not have had sex since your last period. Sometimes it will be necessary to take a pregnancy test.

After a baby

It is advisable to wait 4 weeks after having a baby before a coil is fitted, please discuss other methods at your post-natal check or have a look here: 


Swab needed before fitting

There is a risk of infection at a coil fit so we ask everyone to do a swab, please collect a NAAT test from reception. This needs to be done 2 weeks before your appointment. If your result is not back the week of the appointment, we may need to cancel.


On the day

  • You will be seen by a female nurse and a female doctor.
  • Please write down the date of your last period in advance.
  • Have something to eat, take some paracetamol or ibuprofen to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
  • Please do not bring children, if at all possible, so we can concentrate on you.
  • Please set aside an hour for the appointment, it generally takes 20 minutes for the consultation and fit, but this allows you time to adjust after the fit, sometimes women can feel faint after coil fitting.
  • Please bring a sanitary towel as there is often a little bleeding.

After the fit

  • There is a small increased risk of infection for the first 3 weeks after a fitting so please report heavy bleeding or discharge to the practice.
  • There is a small risk of an ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy which is outside of the womb, so please do a pregnancy test and report pregnancy symptoms, pain or abnormal bleeding, to your doctor urgently.
  • You are advised to check your threads to ensure that the coil is still present.
  • Please use condoms for 7 days after the fitting unless your doctor tells you differently.
  • Further advice will be given at the appointment.
Personal Details
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Privacy Consent

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