Bristol Circumcision Service




Our circumcision clinic is now full. We do not currently have more clinic dates planned but will update this page once we identify dates. As we cannot guarantee when this might happen, we would advise parents to seek circumcision in a different clinic. Many thanks for your interest in our clinic.

Circumcision for religious or cultural reasons is not provided by the NHS. We have therefore been running our Bristol Circumcision Clinic for baby boys under the age of 6 months with support from Public Health England since 2007 in order to provide as safe a service as possible for families. Since the clinic has started, Bristol's Children's Hospital has seen a decrease in babies with severe complications from unsafe practice, a testament to the thousands of safe circumcisions we have provided.

The clinic is run by fully trained doctors and nurses with an excellent safety record. In 2021, our clinic has been relaunched with changes to make it as COVID19 safe as possible. This involves using remote webinar technology to provide you better access to information about the procedure and aftercare than ever before whilst helping to reduce COVID19 risks. The care given on the day of the appointment will be to the exactly same high standards as before.

Reasons to choose our service includes:

  • Annual audit of care showing excellent safety, in particular a very low rate of severe bleeding at 1% (1 in 100) which is lower than the expected average of 2% (1 in 50).
  • Easy access in the heart of Bristol with excellent transport links and just off the M32 motorway.
  • Modern, purpose-built premises with a large and free car park.
  • Up to 4 invitations to a live webinar leading up to the circumcision date where the procedure and aftercare is explained and questions answered. This means that parents may choose to attend more than once or separately if needed providing lots of flexibility.
  • 6 months aftercare.
  • All creams needed for aftercare provided without extra charge.
  • Close links with Bristol Children's Hospital and its specialists in the rare instances where their input is required.